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The YNM Weighted Blanket Minky Cover

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Featured in many major US publications including Forbes and CNN. Experience the comfort of our signature minky fabric in a range of different designs. Warm, textured comfort that keeps you relaxed and toasty.


 100% minky fabric
Textured underside for extra sensory stimulation
 Gives your weighted blanket an extra layer of protection
 Designed with hooks and zips that work with YNM weighted blankets

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    Woman Sleeping Under A YNM Weighted Blanket With Infinite Minky Cover

    More than meets the eye

    Just like our minky weighted blanket, these covers combine our luxuriously soft 100% minky fabric with a textured underside to enhance the hugging sensation as the cover comes into contact with your body.

    Pineapples, flamingos and superheros

    Ordinarily, there wouldn't be much connecting these three together. However, these are just a small sample of the range of fun, vibrant, and unique designs we have available for you to protect your weighted blanket.

    Creased Infinite Weighted Blanket Minky Cover