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The YNM Weighted Blanket Cooling Bamboo and Minky Dual Cover

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Featured in many major US publications including Forbes and CNN. We combined two signature YNM covers to create the perfect year-round weighted blanket cover.

One side features our textured minky fabric that provides extra sensory stimulation and warmth, whilst on the flip side, you have the crisp, breathable coolness of our bamboo fabric series.


100% minky + bamboo viscose fabric
Flip between the desired fabrics and benefits
 Gives your weighted blanket an extra layer of protection
 Designed with hooks and zips that work with YNM weighted blankets

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    Close Up Of The Bamboo Side Of A YNM Cooling Bamboo And Minky Dual Cover

    Some things just belong together

    We strongly believe that our combination of a dual-sided cover (which combines the delicate comfort of our minky blanket with the crisp, coolness of our bamboo blanket) is up there with baths and candles.

    Perfect for summer and winter

    Instantly flick between experiences which suit how you're feeling at any moment. The textured, sensory stimulation of the minky fabric will bring warmth and comfort when you need it, whilst the bamboo fabric will help keep you cool and feeling fresh.

    Close Up Of The Minky Side Of A YNM Cooling Bamboo And Minky Dual Cover