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Featured in many major US publications including Forbes and CNN. Millions of people love our best-selling original YNM weighted blanket. We combine a premium cotton fabric with our glass bead technology to create a restorative experience like no other.


• 100% cotton fabric
All the benefits of a hug
 Designed to help insomnia, stress, and anxiety
 Helps achieve deeper sleep

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    Woman Sleeping With Navy Blue YNM Weighted Blanket

    Buy the original weighted blanket

    Join millions of sleepers all over the world enjoying our classic weighted blanket. From the flawless sewing technology to the perfect distribution of pockets filled with micro glass beads, you can enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep each night with our best-selling weighted blanket.

    It's all natural

    Using 100% cotton fabric for the external layers allows for the sweet spot in body temperature. As you rest at night, the weighted blanket will hug your body and will help you relax. The heat from your body will naturally pass through the cotton fabric to keep you right in the sweet spot all year round.

    A Navy Blue YNM Weighted Blanket On Top Of Made Bed