The YNM Minky Weighted Blanket

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Featured in many major US publications including Forbes and CNN. The minky range is perfect for anyone looking for an extra layer of comfort. Textured bumps provide additional sensory stimulation that mixes perfectly with the luxuriously soft minky fabric.


• 100% minky fabric using our glass bead technology
 Perfect blend of warmth and comfort
 Designed to help insomnia, stress, and anxiety
 Helps achieve deeper sleep

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    Woman Sleeping Under A YNM Minky Weighted Blanket With Its Green Underside Showing

    Bring it on home

    Our weighted blankets are renowned for the hugging sensation as you rest. We pack each pocket with countless micro glass beads to give the blanket a unique weight to keep you feeling snug and secure. We've wrapped that experience in a 100% minky fabric which is soft and delicate to the touch. Perfect for those cold winter nights.

    Touch, sweet touch

    We inserted a textured underside to take the sensory stimulation to the next level. As the blanket soothes your entire body, pull the blanket in a little closer and experience the comfort of minky fabric against your skin. When we're feeling a little anxious, it's this level of comfort which can help us feel a little better.

    Close Up Of A Hand On The Green Underside Of A YNM Minky Weighted Blanket