The YNM Couples Weighted Blanket

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Featured in many major US publications including Forbes and CNN. The YNM couples weighted blanket super sizes our best-selling original weighted blanket. Combines our premium fabrics with our glass bead technology to comfort two sleepers in one perfect bundle.


• 100% cotton fabric
 Increased weight ranges to cover both sleepers perfectly
Designed to help insomnia, stress, and anxiety
 Helps achieve deeper sleep

    Select your size

    If you weigh between 190 lbs – 240 lbs, choose 20 lbs.

    If you weigh between 240 lbs – 290 lbs, choose 25 lbs.

    If you weigh between 290 lbs – 340 lbs, choose 30 lbs.

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    Delivered within 3-5 days.

    The weighted blanket for couples

    We're putting an end to tug of war with a weighted blanket big enough to cover your entire mattress and partner—you'll spend more time sleeping soundly and less time fighting over the blanket.

    Woman Sleeping Under A Dark Grey YNM Couples Weighted Blanket

    A little extra on the sides

    In order for both sleepers to get the complete weighted blanket experience, we needed to increase the weight of the couples weighted blanket to get you both covered up. This is why you can only purchase these blankets at 30 lb. There's a good chance they won't be able to wrestle the blanket away from you anymore, too!

    One blanket to rule them all

    And in the cover of darkness, keep them all tucked up nice and sleeping soundly. Using our classic cotton weighted blanket fabric, experience the delicate fabric on your skin as it allows your body to breathe and regulate naturally.

    Combined with the magical properties of weighted blankets to help you both get a good night's sleep, we're certain this couples weighted blanket will be a favorite in no time. If not, then return it to us within 100 days of purchase.

    A YNM Couples Weighted Blanket Positioned Neatly On A Made Bed