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Press Reviews

Critically acclaimed weighted blankets

Pile Of YNM Weighted Blankets On A Table

But the real winner here is the fabric: an extra soft, silky smooth bamboo cover

When used for relaxation, I feel cozy, and when used at night I fall asleep faster, sleep deeper.

Woman Lay Down Reading With A Patterned YNM Weighted Blanket
Boy Sleeping With A Green YNM Weighted Blanket

I think it played a key role in helping me feel calm in the aftermath of a difficult breakup.

Plus it's versatile, since the blanket can be used along with a duvet cover or on its own.

Woman Sleeping With A Light Grey YNM Weighted Blanket
Woman Lying Down Awake With A Purple YNM Weighted Blanket

Made the time I spent in bed more productive and more restful.

We think YnM offers a good-quality weighted product for a reasonable price. Along with the price tag, we like YnM’s large selection of colors and sizes.

Boy Sleeping With A Blue YNM Weighted Blanket