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Frequently asked questions

What weighted blanket cover should I choose?

We have 4 types of weighted blanket covers available for you to choose from:
Cotton Covers 100% cotton. A perfect balance between comfort and temperature.
Cooling Covers 100% bamboo viscose. Premium fabric enhances cooling properties to keep your temperate low throughout the night.
Minky Covers 100% Minky. Luxuriously soft on your skin. Great for keeping snug and warm when it gets a little cold outside.
Dual Cooling and Minky Cover The best of both worlds. Luxurious premium bamboo fabric on one side and minky fabric on the other.

Do I need to buy the same material as my weighted blanket?

You are free to mix and match your covers regardless of the material of your weighted blanket. Each cover provides different benefits and experiences.

Can I use these covers with other blankets?

We design our blankets and covers to work together seamlessly—like the hooks and strings which you can use use to fasten the two together for a secure fit. But you use our covers with any blanket which you see fit!

Is YNM the best weighted blanket brand available online?

With over 5,000 reviews on Amazon and over one million happy customers, we are very confident in the quality of our products. We not only offer the highest quality blankets but also offer the most value. Many other branded weighted blankets can sell for over $200 because they do not have enough demand to cover production costs. We always use customer feedback to innovate and improve our weighted blankets.

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