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Weighted Blanket for Kids

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YNM Weighted Blankets Showing Off Penguin Design

A candy store for blankets

We combine our high standards for weighted blankets with a range of fun, unique designs just for kids! From unicorns, superheroes, to penguins, there’s a kids weighted blanket here to get snuggled up with.


We get it—these weighted blankets for kids will probably get thrown around (or worn as capes). Thankfully, we used the best materials and innovative stitching technology to ensure maximum durability. Play ball!

Kid Playing Under YNM Pineapple Weighted Blanket
YNM Weighted Blanket Drooped Over Bottom Of Bed

Breeze through the school run

Getting ready for school in the morning can be a real drag, especially with tired and restless kids. Give them a better night's rest to get them dressed, fed, and shipped in record times!

Frequently asked questions

How can a weighted blanket help my child?

In short, a weighted blanket can help relax your child and relieve stress and anxiety symptoms. The weight of the blanket keeps your body still and 'hugs' your body. This comforting effect can help children stay asleep for longer as well as calm them down before going to sleep.

What blanket weight should I choose for my child?

We recommended that you choose a blanket that is approximately 10% of your child's body weight:
• If they weigh between 40 lbs - 70 lbs, try our 5 lbs Weighted Blankets
• If they weigh between 70 lbs - 90 lbs, try our 7 lbs Weighted Blankets
• If they weigh between 90 lbs - 120 lbs, try our 10 lbs Weighted Blankets

Which weighted blanket should I choose for my child?

We have 3 types of kids weighted blankets available for you to choose from:
Original Weighted Blanket: 100% cotton. A beautifully soft fabric which is delicate to the touch
Cooling Weighted Blanket: 100% bamboo viscose. Premium fabric enhances cooling properties to keep your temperate low throughout the night!
Minky Weighted Blanket 100% Minky. Luxuriously soft on your skin. Great for keeping snug and warm when it gets a little cold outside!

Is YNM the best weighted blanket brand available online?

With over 5,000 reviews on Amazon and over one million happy customers, we are very confident in the quality of our products. We not only offer the highest quality blankets but also offer the most value. Many other branded weighted blankets can sell for over $200 because they do not have enough demand to cover production costs. We always use customer feedback to innovate and improve our weighted blankets.

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