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How to Wash A Weighted Blanket

Navy Blue YNM Weighted Blanket On Bed

It’s important to maintain the condition and cleanliness of your Weighted Blanket to keep it fresh and free from unwanted bacteria. This complete guide will teach you how to wash your Weighted Blanket of all YNM products.

Weighted Blanket Washing Instructions

For most of us, we spend a large portion of our lives asleep. For those of us who struggle to get the rest we need, we turn to wonderful products like Weighted Blankets to help us claim back the night. But this adds up to an awful lot of time spent in bed, with our duvets and sheets collecting various bits of bodily fluid. A regular washing routine is vital to a fresh, healthy sleeping environment. So what about our Weighted Blankets washing instructions? Can you machine wash a Weighted Blanket?

Yes! Washing a Weighted Blanket is a simple process. Run it through a washing machine on a low temperature and then tumble dry on a low setting.

In the rest of this article, we will look at this in a little more detail about how to wash a Weighted Blanket across our various fabrics and ranges so you know exactly what to do!

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket with Glass Beads

Some Weighted Blanket models out there don’t use the same materials as us. A common material to use is plastic pellets. However, all YNM Weighted Blankets use micro glass beads. We use this material as they provide more weight, despite being the same size as the plastic pellets.

Knowing how to wash a Weighted Blanket with glass beads is no different. They don’t absorb any moisture so the only thing you are drying is the fabric itself. Our two signature blankets, the Cotton Weighted Blanket and the Cooling Weighted Blanket, can be washed the same way.

  • Machine washing a Weighted Blanket on a cold/warm temperature (no more than 85F)
  • Wash the blanket alone
  • Avoid using any bleach

How to Wash a Minky Weighted Blanket

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You may have picked up one of our Minky Weighted Blankets. Soft to the touch, you might think the instructions vary when compared to the cotton or bamboo fabric. However, knowing how to wash a Weighted Blanket with a Minky fabric is just the same!

  • Machine washing a Weighted Blanket on a cold/warm temperature (no more than 85F)
  • Wash the blanket alone
  • Avoid using any bleach

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket Over 15lbs

The YNM Weighted Blanket range can weigh up to 30 lbs! You may naturally be cautious about whether your washing machine can handle this much weight. You can test this by inserting the Weighted Blanket into your machine while applying a small amount of force to measure how freely it moves.

In which case, consider making a trip to your local laundromat. They often have heavy duty machines better cut out for the job! They’re often professionals too and will likely know how to wash a Weighted Blanket.

How to Dry a Weighted Blanket

Now you know how to wash a Weighted Blanket, it’s time to get drying! You have 2 options available to you:

1. Machine Dry. Insert into your machine alone and run on a low temperature. Give it an hour or so and it’ll be ready.

2. Air Dry. Stretch over a large open space and leave to dry. Ideally, your house will be warm to help evaporate moisture in the blanket. Leave to dry over the day and it’ll be ready for you at night!

Avoid using an iron with your Weighted Blanket. You want to avoid all excessively hot temperatures.

What if I Spill a Drink on My Weighted Blanket?

Dark Grey Couples Weighted Blanket On Bed

Don’t worry! Pre-soak the area with warm, soapy water. Give it a gentle scrub and hopefully the moisture will have been soaked up and will wash away. Alternatively, try spot cleaning! Grab an old toothbrush and mix some cold water with a mild detergent. Scrub for a few minutes and the stain will hopefully vanish!

The Best Way To Protect Your Weighted Blanket

With that said, you can remove a lot of the stress of cleaning your Weighted Blanket should you bundle your purchase with one of our covers! The Weighted Blanket covers are perfect for offering an extra layer of protection whilst being convenient and easy to clean! They also allow you to decorate your Weighted Blanket with new designs and fabrics, so you can change your sleep experience on the fly! Check out our latest offer below.

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